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Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer

Cancer, Non-Polyposis Colorectal
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Registry for Women Who Are At Risk Or May Have Lynch Syndrome
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: May 16, 2019
First Received: Jul 30, 2007
Disease(s): Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer, Lynch Syndrome
Intervention(s): Questionnaire
Locations: University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, United States
The GEOLynch Cohort Study
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 06, 2017
First Received: Oct 06, 2017
Disease(s): Lynch Syndrome, Neoplasms, Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer, Colorectal Neoplasms
Intervention(s): No intervention, observational study.
Locations: Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands
The Cancer of the Pancreas Screening-5 CAPS5)Study
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Jun 22, 2020
First Received: Dec 03, 2013
Disease(s): Pancreas Cancer, Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome (PJS), Gene Mutation, Germline Mutation Carrier, Lynch Syndrome
Intervention(s): Human synthetic secretin
Locations: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Dana Farber Cancer Center, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States
Columbia University Medical Center, New York, New York, United States
... and 4 other locations.
Study of Universal Screening for Lynch Syndrome in Chinese Patients of Endometrial Cancer
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Nov 14, 2018
First Received: Sep 25, 2017
Disease(s): Colorectal Neoplasms, Hereditary Nonpolyposis, Endometrial Neoplasms
Intervention(s): immunohistochemical staining, tests of microsatellite instability, clinical criteria of Lynch syndromes, sequencing for mismatch repair genes
Locations: Lei Li, Beijing, China/Beiing, China
Omega 3 Fatty Acids in Colorectal Cancer (CRC) Prevention in Patients With Lynch Syndrome (COLYNE)
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: May 30, 2019
First Received: Feb 06, 2019
Disease(s): Colorectal Cancer, Lynch Syndrome
Intervention(s): Omega-3 fatty acid ethyl esters (2 gram)
Locations: The University of Kansas Cancer Center, Westwood Campus, Kansas City, Kansas, United States
Familial Colorectal Cancer Registry in Hispanics
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 17, 2018
First Received: Jun 25, 2009
Disease(s): Colorectal Cancer, Gastric Cancer, Colorectal Neoplasms, Colorectal Adenoma, Lynch Syndrome
Locations: Oncologic Hospital, San Juan, Puerto Rico
University of Puerto Rico Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Risk-Reducing Surgeries for Hereditary Ovarian Cancer
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Dec 26, 2017
First Received: Sep 27, 2017
Disease(s): Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome, Colorectal Neoplasms, Hereditary Nonpolyposis, Ovariectomy, Hysterectomy
Intervention(s): salpingo-oophorectomy only by laparoscopy, salpingo-oophorectomy with hysterectomy by laparoscopy, Follow-up
Locations: Lei Li, Beijing, China/Beiing, China
Trial to Compare eConsent With Standard Consent Among Prospective Biobank Participants
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Dec 13, 2019
First Received: Oct 18, 2019
Disease(s): Lynch Syndrome
Intervention(s): Electronic Consent (iPad)
Locations: Geisinger, Danville, Pennsylvania, United States
Family History Study on Cancer Risk
Status: Not yet recruiting
Last Changed: Oct 30, 2019
First Received: Oct 30, 2019
Disease(s): Lynch Syndrome, Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Family Characteristics, Genetic Predisposition
Intervention(s): online cancer risk assessment, Usual care
Locations: Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, Oakland, California, United States
Combination Chemotherapy With or Without Atezolizumab in Treating Patients With Stage III Colon Cancer and Deficient DNA Mismatch Repair
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Aug 12, 2020
First Received: Sep 23, 2016
Disease(s): Colon Adenocarcinoma, DNA Repair Disorder, Lynch Syndrome, Stage III Colon Cancer AJCC v7, Stage IIIA Colon Cancer AJCC v7, Stage IIIB Colon Cancer AJCC v7, Stage IIIC Colon Cancer AJCC v7
Intervention(s): Atezolizumab, Fluorouracil, Laboratory Biomarker Analysis, Leucovorin Calcium, Oxaliplatin, Quality-of-Life Assessment
Locations: Anchorage Associates in Radiation Medicine, Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Alaska Breast Care and Surgery LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Alaska Oncology and Hematology LLC, Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Alaska Women's Cancer Care, Anchorage, Alaska, United States
Anchorage Oncology Centre, Anchorage, Alaska, United States
... and 897 other locations.