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Cap myopathy

Cap diseaseCongenital myopathy with caps
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Congenital Muscle Disease Study of Patient and Family Reported Medical Information
Status: Unknown status
Last Changed: May 09, 2017
First Received: Jul 27, 2011
Disease(s): Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (Including Unspecified/Undiagnosed), Dystroglycanopathy, Congenital Fiber Type Disproportion, Rigid Spine Muscular Dystrophy, Congenital Myopathy (Including Unspecified/Undiagnosed), Collagen VI CMD (Ullrich CMD, Intermediate, Bethlem Myopathy), Laminin Alpha 2 Related Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, LAMA2-CMD/Merosin Deficient/MDC1A, Walker-Warburg Syndrome, Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease, Fukuyama/Fukutin Related Muscular Dystrophy, Integrin Alpha 7 Deficiency, Integrin Alpha 9 Deficiency, LMNA-CMD/Lamin A/C/Laminopathy, SEPN1-Related Myopathy, Bethlem Myopathy, Actin Aggregation Myopathy, Cap Disease, Central Core Disease, Centronuclear Myopathy, Core Rod Myopathy, Hyaline Body Myopathy, Multiminicore Myopathy, Myotubular Myopathy, Nemaline Myopathy, Tubular Aggregate Myopathy, Zebra Body Myopathy, Reducing Body Myopathy, Spheroid Body Myopathy, LGMD1B (LMNA), LGMD1E (DES), LGMD2G (TCAP), LGMD2H (TRIM32), LGMD2I (FKRP), LGMD2J (TTN), LGMD2K (POMT1), LGMD2M (FKTN), LGMD2N (POMT2), LGMD2O (POMGnT1), LGMD2P (DAG1), LGMD2Q (PLEC1), LGMD2R (DES), LGMD2S (TRAPPC11), LGMD2T (GMPPB), LGMD2U (ISPD), LGMD2V (GAA), Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, Titinopathy, Choline Kinase B Receptor, Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy, RYR1 Related Myopathy, SYNE1/Nesprin Related Muscular Dystrophy, Telethonin Related Muscular Dystrophy (TCAP/Titin-Cap), Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome, Escobar Syndrome, Myofibrillar Myopathy, Malignant Hyperthermia, Alpha-Dystroglycan Related Muscular Dystrophy (DAG1, DPM1, DPM2, DPM3, FKRP, FKTN), Alpha-Dystroglycan Related Muscular Dystrophy (GAA, ISPD, LARGE, POMT1, POMT2, POMGnT1), Alpha-Dystroglycan Related Muscular Dystrophy (Unspecified/Undiagnosed/Other)
Locations: Congenital Muscle Disease International Registry (www.cmdir.org), Torrance, California, United States
An Open Label Phase 2 Extension Study of Higher Dose Sialic Acid-Extended Release (SA-ER) Tablets and Sialic Acid-Immediate Release (SA-IR) Capsules in Patients With Glucosamine (UDP-N-acetyl)-2-Epimerase (GNE) Myopathy
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Apr 11, 2018
First Received: Apr 12, 2013
Disease(s): GNE Myopathy, Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy (HIBM)
Intervention(s): SA-ER 500 mg, SA-IR 500 mg
Locations: UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, United States
Washington University School of Medicine, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
NYU Medical Center, New York, New York, United States
Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel
RTA 408 Capsules in Patients With Mitochondrial Myopathy - MOTOR
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Sep 17, 2020
First Received: Oct 02, 2014
Disease(s): MItochondrial Myopathies
Intervention(s): Omaveloxolone capsules, 2.5 mg, omaveloxolone capsules, 5 mg, omaveloxolone capsules, 10 mg, Placebo capsules, omaveloxolone capsules, 20 mg, omaveloxolone capsules, 40 mg, omaveloxolone capsules, 80 mg, omaveloxolone capsules, 160 mg
Locations: UCLA, Los Angeles, California, United States
Mass General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Akron Children's Hospital, Akron, Ohio, United States
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
... and 5 other locations.
Clinical Study on the Safety of CNT-02 for TGCV and NLSD-M
Status: Terminated
Last Changed: Jul 08, 2019
First Received: Jul 13, 2016
Disease(s): Primary Triglyceride Deposit Cardiomyovasculopathy (TGCV), Neutral Lipid Storage Disease With Myopathy (NLSD-M)
Intervention(s): CNT-02
Locations: IRCCS San Raffaele, Rome, Lazio, Italy
San Filippo Neri Hospital, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Catholic University, Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Fondazione Ospedale San Camillo IRCCS, Lido, Venice, Italy
Aomori Prefectural Chuo Hospital, Aomori-city, Aomori-prefecture, Japan
... and 3 other locations.
A Study of CAP-1002 in Ambulatory and Non-Ambulatory Patients With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Jun 05, 2020
First Received: Jan 23, 2018
Disease(s): Muscular Dystrophies, Muscular Dystrophy, Duchenne, Muscular Disorders, Atrophic, Muscular Diseases, Neuromuscular Diseases, Nervous System Diseases, Genetic Diseases, X-Linked, Genetic Diseases, Inborn
Intervention(s): CAP-1002, Placebo
Locations: University of California, Davis, Sacramento, California, United States
Children's Hospital Colorado, Aurora, Colorado, United States
Nemours Children's Hospital, Orlando, Florida, United States
Washington University, Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
... and 3 other locations.
Abdominal Plane Blocks (APB) in Chronic Abdominal Pain (CAP)
Status: Recruiting
Last Changed: Nov 13, 2019
First Received: Nov 08, 2019
Disease(s): Abdominal Pain, Abdominal Myofascial Pain Syndrome (AMPS), Abdominal Plane Blocks (APB)
Intervention(s): Abdominal Plane Block(s) with depot Steroids
Locations: Leicester General Hospital, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom
A Study to Compare the Efficacy and Safety of Tacrolimus Capsules in Patient With Myasthenia Gravis
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Mar 09, 2016
First Received: Mar 30, 2011
Disease(s): Myasthenia Gravis
Intervention(s): Tacrolimus capsule, Placebo
Locations: Beijing, China
Guangdong, China
Jiangsu, China
Jilin, China
Shandong, China
... and 5 other locations.
A Survey for Long-term Use of Prograf Capsules in Patient With Interstitial Pneumonia
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Apr 22, 2020
First Received: Jun 10, 2014
Disease(s): Interstitial Pneumonia Associated With Polymyositis/Dermatomyositis
Intervention(s): tacrolimus
Locations: Chubu, Japan
Chugoku, Japan
Hokkaido, Japan
Kansai, Japan
Kanto, Japan
... and 4 other locations.
Creating a Tissue Bank of Knee Capsules
Status: Withdrawn
Last Changed: Apr 23, 2015
First Received: Mar 22, 2011
Disease(s): Osteoarthritis, Knee Joint Contractures
Locations: The Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Comparison of Safety and Efficacy of Tizanidine Hydrochloride Capsules Versus Zanaflex® (Tizanidine Hydrochloride Tablets) Taken While in the Fed State (Just After a Meal) and in the Fasted State (Before a Meal) in Patients With Moderate to Severe Spasticity.
Status: Completed
Last Changed: Dec 14, 2015
First Received: Oct 10, 2002
Disease(s): Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasticity, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke
Intervention(s): tizanidine hydrochloride capsule
Locations: Radiant Research, Tucson, Arizona, United States
The Neurology Center, Encinitas, California, United States
Northridge Neurological Center, Northridge, California, United States
The Neurology Center, Oceanside, California, United States
Neurology Medical Group of Diablo Valley, Walnut Creek, California, United States
... and 12 other locations.